Hello There, Nice To See You

Hey now, welcome to the official Legendary Rich Gilbert Website! It has been a crazy great past few months. The 10 day Italian tour that Eileen Rose and I went on in October was fantastic beyond our expectations, all the shows were spectacular and in incredible surroundings and it was great to meet up with with old friends and make a ton of new ones! SO, we are working on heading back to Italy in early 2023 to possibly do some recording there, we’re in the midst of organizing it all right now. In the meantime though, we’re back in Maine and will be playing a few Christmas oriented shows in Dec. You can find the dates on my show page.

It’s Christmastime! I like Christmas, a lot! I had always wanted to record a Christmas record, and a few years back I was able to achieve this dream with The Blackstone Valley Sinners, which was me, Slim Cessna, Judith Ann and a Alexis HR16 drum machine. The resulting album, The Cold Hard Truth About Christmas, came out even better than I hoped for! It’s been available for a while on CD on my store page (and still is), but the exciting news this year is that the album is finally available for streaming! It’s on all the major streaming platforms, so I urge you check it out sometime between now and Xmas. It’s a good one!

Let me also add  that The Zulus show Sat June 18th was even better than we hoped it would be! Thanks to everyone who came out to see us. We also used that show to debut our brand new album, OUTER SPACE!!!!!! That’s right, after 30 years we all got back together and wrote and recorded an album of all new original material, and to be honest, we think it came out pretty good! It’s available on my Store page, just click on the link and you’ll find it along with new T-shirts and a lot of other music.

Meanwhile, I would also recommend checking out my other pages as well, there’s all kinds of things for you to check out here: CDs, Downloads, Show Dates, Guitar Lessons. You can even hire me to play on your next record! I’ve started doing these sessions where people We Transfer me their music files, I load them into my Pro Tools and record a whole bunch of takes for them to choose from, or sometimes they use them all for a glorious sound!!! It’s been great, I love doing it. I’ve also added a page for anyone interested in personal guitar lessons from me. We can do them in person in or around Freeport Maine, where me and my wife Eileen Rose now live, or do them via Skype, Discord, Slack or any video streaming app/site. It’s easy and a great way to share information. I love teaching guitar so if you’re interested check out the page.

While I got you here, I would also like to tell you about my upcoming 4th solo album release. Titled STEEL LIFE, it will feature me exclusively on pedal steel, not a single note will be played on electric guitar! And trust me this is not going to be your typical pedal steel record! I’m putting the finishing touches on it as I write this. Aiming for an fall 2022 release date.

And in the meantime, there’s a big sale going on with all my previous CDs on my store page, I’ve got to make some room for the batch of STEEL LIFE CDs that will be coming in, so take advantage of the low low prices now!

More LRG news, tour dates, releases and anything else that comes into my mind will be added in the next few weeks so keep checking in here. Thanks for stopping by!


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