Hello There, Nice To See You

JUST RELEASED!!!! Back when The Blackstone Valley Sinners were playing around Providence and Boston we recorded a CD to sell at our shows. The original BVS home made CD contained 2 songs that we later removed when we released our “official” debut CD, It’s A Sin. Both were covers and we replaced them with 2 songs of original material. BUT, I am thrilled to announce that as of today, those 2 rare tracks are now available on all the streaming sites! And I have to say, I’m particularly excited as I always was, and still am, extremely fond of our version of Still The One in particular. I think it’s very beautiful. So here you go, 2 rare BVS songs finally back out there in the world! I hope you love them! Here’s a smart link to get you to a few streaming sources, but you should be able to find these songs on all of them!


Ok, I have to admit that I’ve been kinda negligent lately and haven’t been keeping up to date on my website. The main cause for this lack of attention has been because my musical partner Eileen Rose and myself have moved to Italy!!!!!!!!! We came here last year to record a new Eileen Rose record, and had such a fantastic time and were so happy with how the album turned out that we ended up coming back nine months later to do it again and record a second Eileen Rose album, again in Italy at the same studio (The Shelter) and using many of the same musicians. And this one also turned out beautifully.  Both of these albums will be released in 2024. Can’t wait, I think they’re both pretty great!

So, meanwhile, with the move to Italy things have been a little disorganized or have been put on hold but everything is starting to get back to normal, or normal enough to be mostly functional. I have to admit, part of the thrill of moving to another country is to break up the normal. But I guess everyone needs some amount of normal in their lives. So I’m getting back to some of my normal. For instance, I am ready to start recording remote sessions again, I have a new home studio set up and running. So if you’re looking for me to play on a track click on the I Will Play On Your Record page and you’ll find all the info there. I am also ready to start giving guitar lessons again. You can click on the Guitar Lesson With Rich page for that. Unless you live near me in the Lombardy region of Italy, we’ll have to do our lessons via video, but that’s not a problem. As far as not quite back to normal goes, the store is still closed for now, but should be up and running again fairly soon. 

Also I want you all to know that over the upcoming months we will be making much of our past catalog available on all the streaming platforms. The Zulus, The Silver Threads and rare Blackstone Vally Sinners tracks will soon be streaming. Also I know I’ve been saying this for a while but my pedal steel record should be coming out soon. I’ll let you know when when I have a definite release date. Of course I also have two more albums almost ready to put out as well. I’ll let you know about those as well. 

And finally, Eileen Rose and I will be playing shows in Italy soon and hopefully across Europe as well. I’ll be sure to list all those dates on my Shows page. 

So yeah. Almost back to normal. Or at least as much normal as I’d like. Ciao! A Presto!

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