The Legendary Rich Gilbert is a multi instrumentalist and composer who began his life in music playing in the highly original, unique and seminal Boston band Human Sexual Response. After the release of 2 albums, Fig. 14 and In A Roman Mood, the septet (4 singers, guitar, bass and drums) disbanded and Rich went on to form The Zulus along with fellow HSR members Larry Bangor, Malcolm Travis and Chris Maclachlan, who left the band later and was replaced by Rich Cortese. The Zulus released 2 records while active as a band, an EP titled The Zulus and an album, Down On The Floor. In later years, The Zulus released a 3 CD comprehensive collection of recordings titled Cockfight In A Bullring and reunited to record a new album, Outer Space. After The Zulus disbanded Rich helped put together another unique and original band, Concussion Ensemble, another septet comprised of 4 standing drummers, 2 guitars and a bass player. Concussion Ensemble released 1 full length album, Stampede, and recorded a trio of Sun Ra songs with Barrence Whitfield, later released on the album Songs From The Sun Ra Cosmos. 

After Concussion Ensemble disbanded, Rich toured with and recorded the album Sweetness and Light with former Dream Syndicate leader Steve Wynn. He then went on to tour and record four albums with Tanya Donelly: Lovesongs For Underdogs, Beautysleep, Whiskey Tango Ghosts and This Hungry Life. While playing and recording with Tanya, Rich also joined Frank Black and The Catholics, touring extensively and recording 5 albums with FB&TCs: Pistolero, Dog In The Sand, Black Letter Days, Show Me Your Tears and Live at Melkweg. While juggling his schedule between Tanya and FB&TC's Rich also helped put together a country trio with a drum machine, The Blackstone Valley Sinners, featuring Rich, Slim Cessna, Judith Ann and an Alesis HR16 drum machine. The Blackstone Valley Sinners recorded and released 2 full length albums, It's A Sin and a The Cold Hard Truth About Christmas, which is, you guessed it, a Christmas album! In the middle of all this activity Rich also put together an instrumental quartet called The Coronet Premiers, who released 1 album simply titled, The Coronet Premiers. During this time Rich also played as a sideman or recorded sessions with other artists: The Country Bumpkins, The Condo Pygmies, Uncle Tupelo, The United States, Crown Electric Company, Lazy Susan, Juliana Hatfield and more. 

After this whirl of activity, Rich moved to Nashville and started playing with various artists there before eventually settling on playing and touring predominantly with Eileen Rose. With Eileen Rose Rich has recorded 4 albums: Luna Turista, Be Many Gone, Bones and Muscle Shoals. While in Nashville Rich and Eileen also formed a classic country band, The Silver Threads and released 5 albums: The Silver Threads, Live At Roberts Western World, Nashville One, Nashville Two and Live Near The Opry. While living in Nashville Rich started recording and releasing his solo albums, instrumental music that encompasses a wide range of influences and compositional styles, from intense manic hard rock to beautiful gentle world music. The 3 solo albums are Stereo Action Music, Son Of S.A.M. and 11:59. Rich continues to record and play with Eileen Rose and continues to record solo albums as well, with new releases by Eileen Rose and The Legendary Rich Gilbert expected in 2024.