Hello There, Nice To See You


I am very excited to announce the brand new release of my 3rd solo record, titled 11:59 !!! It is now available for download or CD purchase. Visit the Music page for the Download version. Visit the Store page for the CD version. This record will not be available on the music streaming sites or on any of the online retail sites until sometime in September (the official release date), so for now this is the only place you can get this record. And for a limited time you can get it at the special exclusive just released discount price of $7.50!

Meanwhile, the upcoming months will see various releases from Rich's long history of recording, bands like HUMAN SEXUAL RESPONSE, The ZULUS, CONCUSSION ENSEMBLE, The CORONET PREMIERS, BLACKSTONE VALLEY SINNERS and LRG and Eileen Rose's Nashville honky tonk group, The SILVER THREADS. You can listen to clips and purchase high quality digital downloads on the MUSIC page. For CDs, T-Shirts and more soon to be announced goodies  - just click the STORE tab.

Planning a visit to Nashville?  Well, if I'm not on tour, you can find LRG and Eileen on stage several times a week playing guitar and pedal steel with The Silver Threads.  Check out their show schedule HERE.

More LRG news, tour dates and releases will be added in the next few weeks so keep checking in with us.  Thanks for stopping by!


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