• IT'S A SIN: CD
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It's Back! The original debut record from The Blackstone Valley Sinners, the #1 country band in all of Rhode Island! Featuring Slim Cessna on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Rich Gilbert on Lead and Steel Guitar and Judith Ann on Bass. Plus a drum machine. Long out of print, it's available again for a limited time. CD only, not available as a download. Only $5.00!!!! US Shipping $3.00 International Shipping $5.00

Track Listing: 1- Intro 2- Angel 3- It's A Sin To Tell A Lie 4- Slater Mill 5- Cranston Sinner 6- Fraulein 7- Lethal Injection 8- Intermission Music 9- Knightsville 10- Saturday Satan Sunday Saint 11- Rainbows Are Back In Style 12- Pawtucket Pickup 13- Fairy Tales

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